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Welcome to Mycake & more

WeddingCake1At mycake & more we design and supply cakes for all occasions. With over 35 years of experience and numerous awards including “Le Salon Culinaire - Cake Design” and “PME Cake Decorator of the Year” you can be assured of a unique and visually stunning cake for that special day.

But it doesn’t stop there. If you’re interested in decorating yourself why not drop into our retail shop in Chingford. We are authorised stockist of Wilton™, Knightsbridge PME, Culpitt and JEM products. We hold a comprehensive stock list of essential equipment for you cake baking and decorating needs.

If you’re a beginner or want to take the next step in developing you sugar craft skills, why not book one of our fantastic cake decorating courses. We run the advanced PME course modules which are internationally recognised diploma courses and count towards the PME Masters Certificate. Take a look at the courses page to see what we offer.  All our classes take place in Chingford.



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            2017-03-03 New Poster Landscape Sugar Paste Web Offer




New Wilton Method® Courses Visit Our Courses Section

           Wilton Method®  Course 1:  Building Buttercream Skills

            Wilton Method®  Course 2:  Flowers & Cake Design

            Wilton Method®  Course 3:  Fondant & Gum Paste

            Wilton Method®  Course 4:  Advanced Gum Paste Flowers




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   Culpitt Stand






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Bespoke Cake Toppers & Figurines





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 Visit Our Courses Section 

 2013-05-30 Wilton Basic Course Group Pic 1




 Sharon Stand 2